Recital Information

Recital/Concert  June 21st and June 22nd, 2019

 Each class will only participate in (1) show. There will be Four (4) shows: a 5pm show on Friday, an 11am show on Saturday, 12:30 Show on Saturday and a 3pm show on Saturday,  There is a recital fee of $45 for each dancer.  Recital fees include: Recital T-Shirt and Recital Medal.  Tickets, DVD's, Flowers, L.A. Dance apparel and recital Monkeys may be purchased before and during the show.   

The “Company” competitive groups’ classes and Miss Lainie's Ages 6-9 and Ages 10+ Ballet will be in the Friday night show, the “Combo Ages 3” "Combo Ages 4" and "Hip Hop Flip Flop" will be in our Saturday at 11:00AM Show, "Ages 5-6" “Ages 5-7,” and “Ages 6-8,” classes will be in the 12:30PM Saturday show, and the “Ages 7-10,” “Ages 9-11,” and “Teen” and Ms Lainie's Ages 6-9 and 10+ Ballet classes will be in the 3pm Saturday show.  

All dancers must attend Dress Rehearsal.  Group and individual pictures will be taken at dress rehearsal and are available to order. Dress Rehearsal will be at L.A. Dance (the studio) and Recital venue will be Sunrise Mountain High School.

Recital Tickets
Recital tickets go on sale May 13th!! Pre-sale tickets are $10 each. Families are limited to 6 tickets per family/per show until June 1st.  After June 1st, tickets will be open and unlimited may be purchased.  This allows each family the opportunity to purchase tickets as show Will Sell Out!  Tickets at the door (if available) will be $15. There is no guarantee tickets will be available the day of the show. It is General Seating, and the doors will open approximately 30 minutes prior to show time.  Make sure you purchase your tickets in advance!  Buy your pre-sale tickets at

Costumes/Costume Accessories
Costumes arrive mid-April to early May!  Please make sure that all costumes fit and proper alterations are done BEFORE dress rehearsal! 

Each class needs specific accessories (tights/shoes) a list of the items that are needed for each class can be found on the last page of this packet and in the costume book at the front desk. We will be having a Pop Up Shop at the studio to purchase all your recital needs!  Please make sure that you have the correct color/style of tights and shoes.  Items may also be purchased at Dee’s Dancewear, located on 83rd Ave. & Bell (behind Discount Tire).  Please make sure that you have your accessories before dress rehearsal!  All tights need to be New and Clean for the recital!!

Hair Styles for Recital and Dress Rehearsal
All Company Dancers- FULL PERFORMANCE Hair and Make-up!!!

All Combo Classes, All Jazz Classes, All Hip Hop Classes, All Tap Classes- Hair needs to be in a curled/curly ponytail! Make sure that all hair is pulled and sprayed back. If your child’s hair is not long enough for a ponytail- half-up and curly.  (Make sure that your ponytail holder and bobby pins are the same color as your hair!)

All Ballet only Classes (not combo)- Hair needs to be in a tight, secured, bun with no fly-aways.
***All hair accessories need to be securely bobby pinned in hair***


Ages 2 ½- 5: Brown/Tan Natural eye shadow, Mascara (I always recommend the CLEAR mascara just in case they rub their eyes, we don’t have a mess!!) pink blush, and red lipstick. (I would put their lip stick into a clear baggy with their name on it to send back stage to have the backstage mom apply right before they perform!)

Ages 6-teens:Brown/Tan Natural eye shadow, black mascara, black eyeliner if possible, pink blush, and red lipstick. 
Make sure that all make-up is A LOT heavier than what you would usually wear!!

Please NO video taping or photography during the Recital or Concert.  This is for the safety of the Dancers!! You may video tape your child during Dress Rehearsal. DVDs of either show may be purchased at Recital for $50.

Recital Pictures/Dress Rehearsal Instructions:

Dress Rehearsal and Pictures: Date and Location- Saturday, June 16th at L.A. Dance.  Dress rehearsal will begin at 8:30am and begin with our Combo classes.  The dancers will begin with group and individual pictures and then move into the large room that is set up like the stage.  The dancers will perform their dance for you.  As soon as they have finished they may leave.  Dress Rehearsal runs approx 45mins to 1 hour per class.  Please be looking for the dress rehearsal schedule with your dancers times. 

Please note that Dress Rehearsal is the weekend prior to the show.  We begin at 8am with our younger dancers/classes.  An exact schedule will be sent out closer to the scheduled date.

We run an organized and timely Dress Rehearsal; your help with the process will guarantee a professional production. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled picture time. We will not be able to wait for late students and still keep to our schedule.

Dancers are required to arrive 30 minutes prior to your recital show time.  There will be L.A. Dance signs directing “Dancers” which way to go. Please make sure that you sign your child in! Your child must be signed-out by the same person when leaving for security purposes!  Backstage Mom: These moms will stay with dancers throughout the show. A sign-up sheet is at the front desk for moms interested in being the designated Backstage Mom.  Backstage, there will be a TV/VCR playing Disney movies. We also have coloring books, games, etc. for the dancers to use. All dancers will remain backstage during the ENTIRE show. For safety reasons, the backstage doors will be locked. NO ONE will be allowed to leave early from backstage. All dancers will participate in the Finale at the end of the show. At the conclusion of the performance, please send ONE adult to sign your child out. Please be patient with this process, and remember the lines will go faster if you send only ONE parent to pick up your dancer. If your child is 9 or older (students in the ages 9-11 and teen classes), you may exit the auditorium and wait for them in the cafeteria. Before the recital, be sure that you have talked with your child regarding where you will meet her when the show is finished. PLEASE have your child use the restroom prior to dropping them off in dressing rooms!! Thank you!

Other information
June tuition is due between the 1st and 7th of June as usual and Classes will STILL BE HELD through June 22, 2019.  Dancers who do not pay June Tuition will NOT be permitted to participate in the show.

If you or your Business would like to place an advertisement or Congratulate your dancer in our program, please contact Lora:  Prices: $150 Full Page, $75 ½ Page, or $50 for ¼ Page.  All ads are due May 1st!  The program reaches approximately 400 families!  If you would like the ad to be custom-designed, please add $25.

If your dancer’s dad is interested in participating in our annual “Daddy Daughter Dance” at recital, please register now as space is limited!  

Make sure you are pre-registered for Summer Classes and Camps!  We will be holding Dance and Cheer Camps during the months of June and July during the day!!  These camps fill up quickly so be sure to be looking for more information!

We look forward to an amazing show!

Please Contact the Studio With Any Questions
9815 W. Happy Valley Rd.
Ste. #1140
Peoria, AZ 85383


Recital Info Packet

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